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Welcome to the best swim school in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Learning to swim can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you are looking to learn to swim, develop open-water techniques or advanced stroke correction, we can improve your swimming skills. We have taught thousands of students how to swim and our approach provides 100% success, regardless of age.
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We have taught thousands of students how to swim. The approach we use provides 100% success, regardless of age. The method we use to teach is used by many instructors, teaching over 100,000 kids to successfully swim. The first few swim classes are spent empowering your child, building your child's awareness of the water, building confidence and swimming Freestyle and Breaststroke, then proceeding to Backstroke and Butterfly.

Are you embarrassed by your swimming skills? Don't be! Learning to swim later in life can be a fun and rewarding experience. Whether you are looking to learn to swim, conquer childhood fears, develop open-water swim techniques and strategies, or advanced stroke correction, we will design a personal swimming program which will allow you to become a strong swimmer regardless of your athletic skills, flexibility or body-type.

One with the Water, as featured in the Sundance Channel's TV Show Push Girls, offers empowering swimming lessons to special needs children and adults. We offer Special Needs Swim Lessons for persons with cognitive or physical challenges. Swimming lessons are available year-round with classes designed to empower and help swimmers learn and improve skills, maintain physical fitness, and achieve success.

About Swim Instructor Jennifer Huntington

The Best Swim School in Wisconsin Rapids

Swim Instructor Jennifer Huntington has had a passion for water sports all her life. She lived on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota, as a child, swimming and waterskiing from an early age. Family vacations always involved water – canoe trips to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area or sailing in the Apostle Islands. Jen enjoys all kinds of water activities, including competitive and synchronized swimming, water polo, water skiing, sailing, and both whitewater and quiet water kayaking.

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