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Swimming Lessons and the Importance of Technique

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At One with the Water our swimming lessons programs involve not only just learning to swim, but also teaching proper and great swimming technique. We continuously develop swimming skills for all of our clients. Saving lives is our first priority, and then second, continuing to...

Loaded Boards Sponsors One with the Water’s Swim Team for Kids

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE One With The Water® Swim Team for Kids in Los Angeles Receives Generous Grant From Loaded Boards Culver City, CA – 19 march 2014 – One with the Water®, a non-profit swim school dedicated to teaching life-changing swimming skills to kids and...

Head Position While Swimming Freestyle

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I recently read an article on head position from The Race Club, by Gary Hall Sr., in which Mr. Hall discusses the head position while swimming freestyle. He mentions both looking forward and looking down as being correct, depending on the style of freestyle you might be swimming...

Manhattan Beach Open Water Channel Swimming Clinic

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This four-day intensive Manhattan Beach Open Water Channel Swimming Clinic by One with the Water, was designed by Coach Mallory Mead to introduce aspiring channel swimmers to the basic skills and knowledge needed to prepare for a channel swim in a small group setting. In addition...

Adult Learn To Swim Month with One with the Water

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April is Adult Learn-to-Swim Month and One with the Water® is committed to Preventing Adult Drowning in Our Community One with the Water® is joining in with multiple national organizations in the campaign to help prevent adult drowning. We want you to know about the campaign and...

Strengthening Your Abs – By Starting Strength

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“Abs” – The Muscles that Surround the Abdomen “In every weight room in all the countries of the world since the dawn of training with weights, the single biggest distraction from the actual task at hand has been abs. Or rather, an obsessio...

Swimming Skills for Adult Beginners

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Skills taught in Adult Beginner Swimming Lessons Fully submerge face Proper breathing – out the nose, in the mouth Proper breathing with Bobbing – 10 seconds Prone float, glide and recovery Supine float, glide and recovery Flutter kicking prone position, arms in your pockets...

Off-Season Swimming – A time to Learn Efficiency and Strengthen your Core Skills

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Off-Season Swimming – A time to Learn Efficiency and Strengthen your Core Skills “We teach freestyle that is efficient as well as strong, fluid and fast. It can take anywhere from six months to a year to change your old swimming habits into a more efficient stroke. It...