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Swimming Seasonal Training Design

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Seasonal Training Design “Continuous improvement in swimming performances throughout a season depends on the swimming and dryland workload volume in the various energy zones, and the adaptation of athletes to this workload. Although there are many ways to develop faster...

Coaching For Keeping Resolutions

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Coaching For Keeping Resolutions To all of our dearest members, clients, and donors, I want to personally thank you for a wonderful 2013. We taught more than double the number of clients this year over 2012, and had the most amazing time doing it! Thank you for choosing One with...

Preparing for Your First Open Water Swim

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Competing in an open water swim for the first time, as a stand-alone race or as a portion of a triathlon, can be an intimidating prospect. Here are some general tips to get you started. Brush Up Your Technique: The absolute first thing you should do is get your technique in...

Kenneth Rippetoe & Shana Meyerson For Cross-Training Yoga & Swimming

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Kenneth Rippetoe & Shana Meyerson For Cross-Training Yoga & Swimming At One with the Water, we focus on full-body development and strengthening motor skills. The best way to do that is through cross training. Cross training is a great way to condition different muscle...